Plague House

photo by Kar King - Flickr
This photo has nothing to do with today's post. Instead, it is supposed to cheer me up. The plan for today has flown out the window; as my uncle E. says, Life is what happens when we're busy making plans.

The plan: Z was to test for her green belt today (she studies Kwon Ryu Fu Chi Do, a mixture of five martial arts - Tae Kwon Do, Ryu?, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Do? - and this would be the fourth out of eight belts). My nevvie C and niece S, from ~1 hr. away, plus her three best friends, planned to watch her test and provide moral support. Afterwards, they intended to repair to our house and play several hours of Dungeons & Dragons to celebrate her 17th birthday (which is tomorrow). Then nephew & niece were to spend the night, & their parents planned to come up tomorrow for the day.

HOWEVER: Z is still barely able to eat more than plain crackers, as the stomach virus going around the dojo continues to plague her. Add to that the fact that her brother C spent all night oopsing (as my grandmother used to put it delicately) and hasn't been seen since 5 a.m. (it is now 1 p.m.), and the outlook for tomorrow is rather grim.

N is her usual bouncy self; R has taken her to the grocery store to lay in a supply of seltzer, ginger ale, soda crackers and chicken soup - which both Jewish mothers and Chinese mothers swear by. We are assuming that the rest of us are not immune to this disease, so he's purchasing plenty.

And so it goes, tiddly-pom . . . .


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