A Mandala Post for My Cousin K

I created this mandala last Sunday over the course of about 6 hrs., during a rollicking Dungeons and Dragons game. My nephew C was kind enough to allow me to work on it during the game - it's really very rude to be engaged in another activity during a game, but he knew how much I wanted to do both things and how limited my time is, so he graciously permitted it.

I am still in the early stages of the second lesson, so still working on concentric circles. Because I had had Dine (Navajo) sand painting images in mind for several days for this particular mandala, I decided they would be nested squares instead. This influenced my color choices as well, including the paper. I used colored pencils and a couple of gel pens.

The assignment was to create a mandala honoring a power animal, and I chose to place a bird of prey in the center because we haven't seen our hawk lately. I included Anansi, too, and right at the top, as he is another of my power animals for many reasons. My niece S, who was rather annoyed not to be allowed to create mandalas, too (her brother judged her incapable of concentrating sufficiently on the game if she were simultaneously engaged in art), repeatedly asked me to include a snake, so I did that just for her.

Working from the bindu out, the arrows are there because they, too, fly through the air - but more important, they break through cages (at the corners), as I hope to break through those things that imprison my spirit. In the next "ring" are four things that are in the sky: snow, rain, sun and thermals (Z gave me the idea of the thermals, and I liked that because they lift us up - great idea!).

Then I felt the need for some open space. After that, a saguaro bloom for my spiritual home (Tucson), which was S's idea (though I'm not sure she knows how I feel about the desert), Anansi, S's snake and some feathers to lighten the spirit.

It was different creating a mandala with input from other people as I was working, and doing it while doing something else - yet it was a very intense experience, and this is one from which I gained a great deal of satisfaction. This one I think I may keep as a meditation aid.

Happy now, K? I got it posted today, just for you. XOXOXO


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Cousin K said...

You never cease to amaze and inspire me. Thank you for sharing your process and your beautiful, powerful mandalas (mandalii?).
xoxoxoxo K