More student mandalas

This is the first semester that I've tried the mandala project online, and in my 6-week shortcourse it has worked beautifully! Students uploaded in a variety of ways, and this caused a few problems; lucky for me, my brother J came to my rescue and converted a few troublesome files (.bmp, photoshop & autocad) to .jpg, but in future I know to require .jpg only.

Take a look at some of the submissions!
This was done in autocad, and is a nice example of the art of geometry.
One by a Hindu student that I think is very pretty.
This can be viewed from either direction, and it's my favorite from this class. It is meant to be a star from one view and an eye from the other orientation, and I just love it.
These two were made with photoshop, using four flower images each. Aren't they lovely?
The interesting texture in the center of this, according to the creator, is photoshopped "fungus" colored in psychedelic colors!
This one's very nice.
If you see Mickey Mouse in the center - that is intentional!
It's not really made of wood, but doesn't it look like it?
Live flowers made this mandala the most ephemeral of all.


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