20 of 49

It's day 20 of Project 49, and here is my 20th mandala:
The colors, which aren't reproduced too well here, are blues, black and silver, with an occasional touch of red. (I find myself using red and orange in almost every mandala now. Color theory/psychology is another direction my reading will have to take at some point . . . .)

Z&I were listening to Daniel Pinkwater's Chicago Nights, Hoboken Days on tape (read by the author) while doing art today. We originally listened to the recording years ago with C&Z during family art nights, so I associate it with those times; but now, with two kids about to head off to college majoring in the arts, hearing Pinkwater's adventures as an art student in college was all the more meaningful.

I didn't have any special plans when I started this mandala; a piece of wood sitting on the table caught my eye, so I started by tracing the end of it twice just as something to do in the center. But as my doodles took form, I realized that my current reading was influencing my direction, and I ended up making a series of spinning wheels. I'm reading Anodea Judith's Wheels of Life, an introduction to chakra theory recommended by my cousin (thanks, K!). I'll blog about it another, time, though, as I need to head off to pick up N from Camp Gan Israel (have to blog about that some time as well - that's been an interesting and very positive experience for her).


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