Chakras Again!

I moved into the greens and blues today with my chakra mini-mandalas. Amidst driving of daughters to visit their friends, I managed to complete three more of these, beginning with the Heart Chakra. For some reason, my pictures didn't come out too well this evening, but I am too tired to reshoot, so here they are anyway. In the center of this one is the Chinese character for "heart," though I think next time through the chakras I will have to write the Sanskrit for aum, since this chakra is also called the anahata, which means "unstruck" - in other words (little pun there, heh heh), the unstruck sound. Remember that koan about "what is the sound of one hand clapping"? Well, it refers to aum, which is the only sound that does not require two things striking each other to be produced.

Anyway, here is my Heart Chakra Mandala, associated with the color green. It has no pink in it, but for some reason it came out looking as if it's tinted pink, darn it; it's actually green and gold (my old high school and college colors - why can't I remember my students' names, but I'll never forget such a stupid thing as team colors?!):
The second one is associated with light blue (in case you can't make out the colors from the photo). It is the Throat Chakra, and it took me forever to complete, but I loved every second of it. I finished it at precisely 7:07 pm, which was pretty cool since today is 07/07/07! I think that's darned auspicious.

And then I mounted it upside-down on the card, dagnabbit! So much for my hard-earned meditative tranquility, once I discovered what I'd done. This shows the proper orientation.
The last one I did is the Third Eye Chakra. It didn't take me nearly as much time to complete. R, Z & I spent a couple of hours together after N fell asleep, all working on art together while listening to a Vangelis cd. Very calming.
And now it's time for bed. My count now stands at 9 mandalas, at the end of Day 7. I plan to make at least one tomorrow, but I don't know if I will be able to do any on Monday, so it's good that I'm a bit ahead for now.


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