Bear Hats

Oh if I were a bear (and a big bear, too),
I wouldn't much care if it froze or snew . . .

But it IS freezing, though it's not snewing (yet), and our furnace is NOT happy, and that makes me rather wish I were a bear.

Just got copied on an email for Z from the head of the Black Rose Tellers, that tomorrow they are to bring their "bear hats" so they can practice for the Teddy Bear Party they're holding for the smalls next month at the library. "Bear Hats???" I emailed back. "Of course, hats worn by bears!" was the reply, followed by "no no no, hats with bear ears, what did you think? Apparently, there's been a typical lack of communication twixt teens & parents."

If I'm expected to make a bear hat by tomorrow night's meeting, I will be feeling even more bearish. I doubt my sewing machine will work at these sub-zero temps - I know my fingers can bear(heh)ly type.

Click on the title to see what came up when I googled "bear hats" & hit "I'm feeling lucky." I esp. like the one with the hole for the pony tail.

~N-n-n-n-am-m-mast-t-t-te (brrrr)

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