Finally, Some Art

Not mine, so is that cheating? If lately you think I've become more acerbic, maybe it's because Z & I have been watching lots of episodes of "House." We just finished Season Two and started Season Three. Which is appropriate to the above drawing, as it is C's rendition of my late father-in-
law, who was a physician (neurologist) and, during the later stages of his battle with cancer, walked with a cane. Other than that, he had nothing in common with Gregory House, as Doug was quite a pleasant person. Lovely drawing, and I should have had it up here long ago.
The angels are by Z, one of the projects for last semester's 2-Dimensional Design class. Very nice, but it drove her nuts to do it. I find that the sky makes the most sense to me when I distance myself from it; up close it's a bit confusing to me. I love the colors.
And from the lowest-altitude parishioner, a wet-felted earthsnake, which took a long time to make (according to low-altitude parishioner time-frame, anyway) and is quite charming.

From me? Nada. Neither the time nor the psychic energy to do art. I have, however, made significant progress on my dream of holding an all-day religion workshop on campus, and even have a date: April 11. Next up: ascertaining whether or not the speakers who signed on can actually make it that day, and finding speakers for the still-open slots. The devil is in the details which, for a religion workshop, is a non-trivial consideration.


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