Now it really feels like the year is starting up

Right after New Year's, Z & C left for college, N went back to school and R started back to work. I, however, was left in limbo, since our classes don't start up again till the 20th. I'd sort of been looking forward to the peace and quiet, and it was nice to have quiet mornings in which to prepare for the upcoming semester. I had several enjoyable and productive coffee-shop meetings with my Learning Community colleague, read some books, and avoided cleaning the house (for the most part). Doodled around on the computer. Had some loooong naps.

In short, I took a vacation.

I'm a little disappointed that I did not visit the gym or do any of the housekeeping tasks I'd planned. Then again, I ended up with a fair (unfair) number of migraines. :-(

Friday I spent all day in meetings and workshops on campus, and they were productive and morale-boosting. I am now almost ready for school to start on Tuesday, and looking forward to it. The Learning Community is really going to be fun; I hope I have good students this semester.

Of all the books I've read over break, the one I enjoyed was Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin. It's the first in a series (hurray!) about a twelfth-century Jewish physician/detective from Salerno who travels to Great Britain to solve a case for which all the Jews of Canterbury have been blamed. Franklin has written it very well, and I found it such a good book that I ordered a second copy from paperbackswap so that I have TWO to send to people (one is for a cousin who is facing surgery soon, the other can circulate). Then I put myself on pbs's waiting list for the next two in the series!

I'm not handling the winter too well right now. It has been bitter cold the last four days (single digit temps with wind-chill bringing it well below zero), and what I assume is arthritis is making my knees sore and keeping my hands from performing properly. Yesterday at the workshop, which was (of course) entirely indoors, I had to ask a friend to open my bottled water for me, as my fingers just were not strong enough. Made me feel pretty decrepit, I can tell you.

I'm also having trouble with the lack of sunlight and amount of greyness. I notice that I very easily become weepy and depressed on cold, grey days, and am looking for strategies to manage - another reason I'm looking forward to the start of the semester, when I have more interaction with people outside the house.

Okay, I still need to make a passel o' phone calls (to tell students our classroom's been moved all the way across campus - I don't want them trekking across campus in this weather) and then write a long, informative welcome email to my online class, many of whom are beginning to log in already.

ARGH! N has her friend from across the street (one of the "Herdmans") over. Driving me crazy.

Must - be - charitable - must - not - snap -


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