Okay, THIS is how sentimental I am - it's pretty bad.

I have a miniature pack of cards that I received - perhaps from Santa? - when I was 7 years old. I took it along when we went on the ship to the Netherlands the first time. I was playing with N with it the other night and she asked why there was a very old, ratty American flag sticker stuck inside the box that I always insist on keeping in the box with the cards. It's ancient and a bit torn and she finds it annoying that I won't let anyone throw it away or at least keep it somewhere else.

Because: Granddad gave me a set of those stickers to take with me on the ship (and put one in my autograph book when he wrote in it) and I stuck some in the box of cards, for some reason. So that one has always been in the box, traveled to Holland with me and back twice, and it belongs there. Now N understands completely and thinks it's cool.

Now that I've explained it, I think it's a little cracked. I mean, it's just an old sticker, and they still make them just like that one. But somehow I can't bring myself to get rid of it. ;-)

I need to start making time every day to edit my novel! I was going to start last week and I had too much going on. It's a lot easier with an external deadline like nanowrimo. I'd better head over to nanoedmo and see when that starts and if they've got any hints for me.

Today I'm going to N's school to do a little presentation on Chinese New Year, assuming they don't end school early because of yet more snow . . .


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Kerryn Angell said...

But the sticker is not just a sticker. :)

The NaNoEdMo site is relaunching on 1 Feb so if you didn't see much to do there check back on the 2nd.