Kabul Beauty School

I just finished reading Deborah Rodriguez's stunning book Kabul Beauty School. If it weren't for Elle Magazine, I might have missed this one, and I would be the poorer for it. Rodriguez's stories of the women - and men - she worked with in Afghanistan, as well as her own transformative journey, are so compelling that I resented anything that took me away from my reading. I honestly never thought I'd be particularly interested in anything related to cosmetics or hair styling, but I have a completely different attitude toward the subject as a result of reading this book. Buy it, read it, support her work.

Z & I went this evening to hear Anna Quindlen speak. She was wonderful, of course. She spoke about reading. She mentioned (in passing) her friendship with Calvin Trillin, and afterwards someone asked her if he was as funny in person as in print. She said yes, absolutely, but that more than anything, he is the kindest person she has ever known. Which pretty much tallies with what my father has said about him. Anyway, it was great, and Z & I were both very glad we had gone.

This is a short post because I am very tired. Another seven hours (or so) in interrupted sessions have resulted in the following expansion of The Mandala, as I have come to think of it.

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