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I've been pressed for time this past week, what with the still-life to tackle on my own, and trying to get a handle on the many other projects of the summer. To be quite honest, I am feeling pretty discouraged about how little of the summer is left and how many things people are depending on me to do, and this is making it very hard for me to maintain my resolve to complete both the painting course and the 49 Project - because, after all, those are just for me, which means there's a little voice somewhere slyly suggesting that that makes them far less vital than all the other things on my plate.

I'm trying my best to ignore that voice.

Anyway, from most recent (last night) working backwards, here are some pictures. I've got my very rough study done for the final painting project. It will be a mandala 30"x30" - monumentally scary in size (to create, not, I hope, to view!). Pay no attention to the stuff around the outside of the circle; the outer edges will be some neutral color, probably pale blue. I already don't like most of the colors I played around with, & will change them:
but anyway, this gives you the basic idea.

Next up is a funny little robotic face - that wasn't what it started out as, but that's just how it ended up. Just for fun.
And this is the still life I set up:
And this is how it turned out:
I chose things that, for the most part, I had brought home from my travels, with the exception of the little black pot (though I brought that from Kentucky) and the blue vase, which I think my brother gave me. The egg is an ostrich egg, which is why it's so huge. N kept rearranging things, which made it a bit difficult, and I ended up doing a marathon painting session on Saturday to keep from having the whole thing changed completely out from under me. :-/ (She didn't like the composition.)

The last thing I painted was the pot, and somehow it went all van Gogh on me, but I really like it. Some day I'd like to do a whole van Gogh-ish painting just because.

I'm going to finish up for tonight with some of Z's latest drawings. They're quite good. I have to get N to bed and get to bed early myself, so I will just post them and sign off. Enjoy.

Just FYI: she did the drawings in art class, and they're of a model, not of me. In case you were wondering. I am neither that young nor that shapely!


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