Post #61

And that's about how old I feel right now. Spent almost all day driving to, walking around, and driving home from Marywood U., which is in lovely (NOT) Scranton, PA. Z loved the place - moi, I felt it was not the most attractive campus I'd ever seen, and there was just something that didn't feel quite right about it to me. But we're looking for a campus for her, not for me, so I guess it's not my call. :-P

Anyway, the rest of the day passed in frantic phone calls to SCAD (for C), to LCCC (for Z), to a couple of other moms to discuss synchronized swimming team arrangements (for N), getting dentist appts. for all three kids before school starts. And then frenzied prep. for my fall syllabi.

And now it's time to put N to bed and then grade final exams like a fiend, as the grades are due by Wed. morning at 10. So far today, no mandala time at all, and I'm feeling quite jangled as a result. But I do have something for you to look at: Z finished her final project for Drawing I over the weekend, a 14x18 colored pencil drawing of her birthparents. The photo does not do it justice - IRL it is not blurred at all, and the photo has foreshortened their features considerably. It actually looks more like pastel than pencil. Very lovely.

The original looks so much like Z that her classmates asked if that was her boyfriend in the picture! So now she knows that it's not just me who thinks she looks just like her birthmother.

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