NaNoWriMo Day 2

Day two was a little slower, but not too much. I started off thinking I'd be a cheater (according to the rules, it wasn't cheating - it was a suggestion in Baty's book, as a matter of fact, but to me it seemed like cheating) and rewrite a section I'd rethunk, but keep the old section in still. But when I rewrote, I ended up finding a way to keep the old section in legitimately, HAH! So there. No cheating, plus I increased the word count easily.

I kept wanting yesterday to come back to the book and add more, but didn't let myself. That way 1) lies madness, adding little dribs & drabs all day 2) makes my fambly annoyed, never being completely THERE for them (though I thought about the book all day & evening anyway, by not acting on it they couldn't tell - maybe) 3) keeps me from losing momentum, because when I sat down to write this morning it BURST out of me, being all pent-up and such.

Selah is now to the point of having figured out finger spelling, and let me tell you, it warn't easy to get him there. It's tough conceptually, and since I don't know how it's taught, I had to figure out how *I* would teach it if I had to. I worried a bit about being pilloried by deaf persons and teachers of the deaf, but since I'm writing it for myself and for my family (and for George), I made myself not worry about it.

And I can always change it later if I ever find out.

So now I have 5049 words, only the NaNo site is still down, so I can't record it. If it isn't up by the 25th I will be really annoyed. I plan to win this by finishing, and I want it verified and documented!!!

Anyway, I am 1/10 of the way through, by word count at least.



Anonymous said...

Congrats, sweetie! I am keeping you company by checking your blog every day, just FYI.

I love that you are writing about Selah and admire you greatly. And cheer you on wildly. Go, girl, go!

xo Ker

Anonymous said...

Great going! I'm at 5118 and am in the midst of a story, but I have to stop to get some other daily living things accomplished. I DO wish that I could record my words on the Nano site! It's great to be doing it with you, though, Ahnee. Love, M