NaNoWriMo Day 4: 10,132 words!!!

Which means I am officially 1/5 of the way through. That's the good news.

The bad news is that I feel like my book's not really going anywhere, it's just sort of narrating. Blah. It's blah. It started off well enough, but now it's blah and boring.

Well, I will keep on going and hope that once I finish with Selah and start in on George it will get exciting again. Actually, I'm about to throw Selah a curve ball tomorrow, so maybe that will get things moving again.

I still believe in it - maybe my problem is that the election is today and that is such a high-anxiety thing that everything else pales by comparison?

What I really wanted to write about today, though, was my writing cape. Last week I was at Penney's picking up my new prescription sunglasses, and I had a coupon, and saw this lovely, fuzzy beige cape. On sale. Even cheaper with a coupon! I got it, and it has become my "writing cape." I wear it when I'm in my writing persona, and it really does help me get into that mode. I'll have to get a picture of myself in it and you can tell me if I look "writerly." ;-)

Tomorrow I shall blog about being in the moment.

For now: I gotta go vote.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a writer's cape!!! Looking forward to the photo.
And don't worry about the blah parts, your perception might be off, and/or those will be edited anyway.

Keep going, I love you, rah rah rah!
xo K