Still Day 13, but now up to 35,066

and I have GOT to quit. I think I am pretty well done with George. The ending is a little rough, but I lost heart when Geo. Milligan and then Emma died.

I'm taking a poll here, folks: Please weigh in on the question, "what do you think Willliam Jennings Bryan's close friends called him?" I have him down as "good ol' Bill" in the novel, but somehow that just doesn't cut it for me. Looking at photos of him when he was younger, including one of him standing in front of the offices of The Commoner (where George worked for four years), he looks as if he had a grand sense of humor, but he just doesn't look like a Bill.

He doesn't look like a Jen, though, either. What do YOU think?

So now it's on to Marshall. Which means another trip down to my filing cabinet o' wonders to look for the few documents I have about Marshall. I'll spend some time tomorrow piecing them together and then it will be time to put myself into the right frame of mind. I may have some trouble making the transition, but I feel ahead enough now that I'm not as worried about getting there eventually.

Thanks for reading. As George would say,

~Saw my leg off

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moeder3 said...

I think it would either have been "Will" or "Bryan" or maybe "WJ" - There can't have been many friends close enough to use a nickname. My impression is that he was pretty formal. How chummy could you get with anyone who gave that "Cross of Gold" speech? M