Do You Choose Ranger or Morelli?

So after Deogratias, I decided I needed something very escapist. And lo & behold, Janet Evanovich came out with a little fluff just at the right time! Since joining PBS, I have tried hard to limit my book spending, & have largely succeeded; however, there are a couple of authors I still do buy in hardcover right as their books come out, and Evanovich is one of them. I can't help it - her books make me laugh out loud, and I treasure them for that. This time, the book was on sale for $10.50, and I had $2.70 in Borders rewards, so it was a pretty darned good deal.

A quick apology right now to anyone who might read this review without ever having read any of the Stephanie Plum books: none of what follows will mean anything to you, unfortunately. But if it intrigues you, please begin with One for the Money and not Plum Lovin', because you need to start at the beginning of the whole silly saga in order for it to make any sense at all. And oh, it is definitely worth reading. Will take about 2 hrs. a book, max. Less, if (once you get into it, which should take about 1/2 a page), you start beating your family off with a heavy bludgeon when they want you to, say, fix supper or anything frivolous like that. Because you won't want to stop reading in order to do that.

Anyway, back to this book. A couple of thoughts came to me as I read it. Actually, they re-occurred to me - I've thought these before. First, I think you can tell a lot about a person from her choice of Ranger or Morelli. Or, I suppose, there are the other two options: neither or both :-) .

So, which kind of person are you? And what do you think that says about you?

Me, I'm not willing to give Ranger up. I'm not so sure what she even sees in Morelli, to tell the truth. I am the monogamous type, so I'd go with only one, though.

And now here's another, to my mind, telling issue: with which of the supporting cast do you most identify when it comes to food: Lula, Grandma, Stephanie's mom, or Ranger?

I'd love to say I identify heavily with Ranger, and I really do try hard. I am proud to say it's not with Grandma. I don't go at all for those nasty, pasty little cookies they serve at various social functions, even when you can get them for free. And no no no no no to Stephanie's mom's food, either kind. ;-)

Nope. I'm a Lula, dagnabbit (though perhaps not on such a grand scale). Her diets send me into gales of laughter, not just because they're so outlandish but also because her logic is my kind of logic.

How about you?

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