My First Mandala

This is titled "O I See," and it is officially my first mandala, because now I truly see how to do it.

Colored pencil and white gel pen on black construction paper.

I started making it, very quietly, all by myself as other people were going about their business elsewhere. I was relaxed and at peace. And it just sort of flowed out of me.

Well, the center portions did. Everything worked beautifully until these weird 1960s green hanging lamps appeared and ruined everything. By this time, I'd stopped for dinner, N had had a fit and was upstairs being put to bed by R, and Z had come down to work on a black mandala of her own. I persevered, however. I refused to give up, and eventually it all worked itself out.

The one thing I consciously added was movement - lines that created a sense of moving. I did this to remind myself that the only way to learn to create mandalas is by creating them.


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