Vertigo by CSJ

Not a mandala, okay, but note the circles! ;-)

I am delighted to showcase something by C for a change! The first assignment for his 3-D Art class this semester was to create a paper pop-up. Using Robert Sabuda's America the Beautiful his grandmother gave him a couple of years ago as a study guide, he recreated U2's "Vertigo" concert as he, my mother and I experienced it last year in Philadelphia.
The fellow in front with the mike is Bono, of course. If you click on the title of this post, you can see what the walkway looked like - using complementary colors was a great way to capture the glow!
He really had fun with this project. He came home from class today somewhat less enthusiastic about the next one, having had goop smeared all over his face to create a mask. C has never, even as a very small child, been into goop. He paused just long enough to say he was back and then took a shower even though there wasn't much hot water left.

Forgive me the brag, but I'm very proud of him.


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